RFP: Northcenter Neighborhood Visioning Study


Proposal Deadline is November 30, 2018

Northcenter Neighborhood Visioning Study

SSA #38 and the Northcenter Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Northcenter Neighborhood Association, the office of Alderman Ameya Pawar, 47th Ward and other community stakeholders, are seeking a professional consultant to develop a neighborhood zoning, density and market study with a robust community engagement process.

The mission of this study is to assess the development needs of the Northcenter neighborhood and build a set recommendations to advise future aldermen and other stakeholders on economic development in the neighborhood, particularly centered around the Lincoln/Damen/Irving Park “Six Corners” area. This will include an assessment of needs regarding economic development as well as building development (e.g. adaptive reuse, etc.).

Through this study, SSA #38 partners seek to:

  • Work with the community to set goals about what residents, business owners and other stakeholders want the Northcenter neighborhood to be and how to best achieve that vision
  • Assess the Northcenter neighborhood’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis)
  • Identify gaps and opportunities in the local retail market
  • Assess neighborhood branding and identity, as well as neighborhood aesthetics and character of buildings, including integration of neighborhood history and landmarks where applicable
  • Identify key recommendations with respect to zoning, building massing and density and economic development

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